Exterior housework makes for a noisy day

It’s a little loud at my workplace.

Of course, I work from home, so you would expect I would be able to control the loudness at my workplace. Besides, how loud could it really be here? Other than myself, there aren’t many other sources for loudness.

Sure, there are three cats and two dogs sharing my workplace with me, but they don’t say much. Our German shepherd, Shilo, and our assistant dog, Caicos, occasionally bark and attack our front door if someone rings the doorbell, but that doesn’t happen much.

People don’t ring our doorbell when I’m alone in our house. I think that’s because no one wants to talk to me. I guess I should be upset by that, but I’m not because I’m not much of a talker.

That’s the advantage of working from home: You don’t have to talk to anyone.

You also don’t have to answer the phone if it rings. If you work in an office and your phone rings, office etiquette requires you to answer it.

“You better answer that; it might be important,” a co-worker might say to you.

Of course, in my case I would be able to say, “Have you ever read my column?” And my co-worker would say, “Good point. But you still should answer your phone. The ringing is annoying.”

So I would have to answer my phone and discover that my wife is on the line wanting to talk to me about … well, it doesn’t matter what she wants to talk about because whatever it is, I wouldn’t really care.

Please don’t tell my wife I just wrote that.

Now, where was I?

Oh, right, the loudness in my workplace.

The loudness in my workplace is coming from two nice guys who are power-washing our house.

The guys showed up Monday morning, and they have been power-washing ever since. Well, not continuously — that would be a lot of power-washing.

Not to mention overtime.

The two guys are power-washing our house to get it ready to be painted. I think that’s why. But for all I know, they could just be two random guys who go around power-washing houses for no apparent reason.

See, I don’t pay much attention to what goes on around our house.

It was my wife who told me that the two guys are power-washing our house to get it ready to be painted.

“We’re getting our house painted?” I asked.

“You (bad word) moron,” my wife said.

Our house has been painted twice since we purchased it in 2001. The first time, I helped paint the house, and the second time, I didn’t.

Have you ever painted a house? If so, you will understand why I didn’t help paint our house the second time.

Unless you are a professional, I think painting one house is enough.

We didn’t power-wash our house when we painted it the first time. We scraped it. Have you ever scraped paint off a house?

It’s not as fun as it sounds.

I think the guys power-washing our house will still probably have to scrape off paint at some point. But I don’t know. My subscription to House Painting Monthly lapsed a long time ago, so it’s possible things have changed in the house-painting world.

For all I know, they use drones to paint houses now. Last year, an insurance guy used a drone to inspect our roof for hail damage, so you never know.

The guys power-washing our house started at about 7 this morning, so they’re probably about done for the day.

I know I would be.

But even if they keep power-washing, I’m OK. I don’t really mind the noise.

I mean, it could be worse. It could be a ringing phone I have to answer.